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spanish-k-i-d-s asked:
Hii vanina!! do you live in front of the beach back in Hawaii? How do you take care of your hair if you are always surfing and stuff? Do you go to school?

I go to school online and i use coconut oil for my hair, and I’m currently traveling so I don’t have a permanent home in hawaii anymore, although I go back all the time! 

Anonymous asked:
Didn't you go to Dashcon? Was it really as bad as people say?

No idk what that is

leeleeleelee asked:
Did you go to Dashcon 2014?


thegoodtimesrollon asked:
come home

Miss you!!

highscout asked:
You're stunning and your blog is amazing

Thank you

Anonymous asked:
Hey Vanina, what's the most embarrassing thing to ever happen to you while surfing? Just asking for fun.

Hmm I guess just bad wipe outs or having my bikini too slide over and not noticing for a while hahha

Anonymous asked:
I'm so in love with you.

Anonymous asked:
hey where do you live in hawaii?

I’m currently traveling but I’ve lived in kapolei, Waikiki, and with friends on the northshore

spanish-k-i-d-s asked:
Go to the Dominican Republic!! You will loveeee it, its beautiful and so tropical and we have some of the best beaches ever♥♥

I would love to!! It looks beautiful

Anonymous asked:
Are you a moddel also?


Anonymous asked:
Have you ever used your fame for ocean advocacy? I think you'd make a great spokes person for protecting the ocean

Yeah I have worked with a few organizations that work towards helping our oceans and our environment

Anonymous asked:
What's the oldest boy you'd date/talk to?

Probably 18 or 19