Anonymous asked:
what is your shortboard shape? xoxo

I have a 5’3 pin tail pyzel board and a 5’4 squash tail pyzel board

Anonymous asked:
How many swimsuits do you own

wayyyy too many to count

Anonymous asked:
do u get dropped in on when surfing ? xx


Anonymous asked:
what do u think of Australia? have u ever been there? xxxxx

not yet but it seems really beautiful! 

Anonymous asked:
Do you like poetry!

I love poetry 

mayabarkin asked:
What do you do you usually eat in the morning ?? :)

eggs and bacon and toast or eggs with avocado or bagels or breakfast burritos or acai bowls, pretty much whatever I have in the house haha 

Anonymous asked:
whats your daily workout routine and do you eat healthily? you have such a perfect figure!

hmm I don’t really have a work out routine I just surf and stand up paddle when I have the chance or sometimes go on a hike, I don’t really eat very healthy though, sorry! but thanks so much (: 

Anonymous asked:
Are you single? What are you doing this weekend?

single, and i don’t know yet I want to go to san-francisco or something but i don’t know yet haha 

Anonymous asked:
How do u stay so fit? How many times a week do u work out??

I don’t really work out much anymore I just surf, paddle board and stay active whenever I have the chance!

Anonymous asked:
wheres a good healthy asia bowl place in honolulu?? I'm going this spring break and planning to surf a lot, and heard there amazing after a great surf :)

they are! jamba juice has some, health bar, honolulu coffee company, and lots of other places has good ones 

Anonymous asked:
Are you single or seeing someone? What grade are you in? you're online schooled right?

single not seeing anyone I’m in 11th and yeah online school 

kingbenny82 asked:
You are too sexy!! Wow


kaliforniaa-kllass asked:
you should be a model for hollister!

I wish! that would be really cool 

Anonymous asked:
how tall are u

5ft im a shorty